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Mmh. Shitty day, or actually morning. Not because it’s a monday, but because of the aforementioned poly trouble.

So what better time to start listing six things that bring me joy today? I’ll update in the evening.

1) fetlife.com, yay!

It’s very cool, easy on the eyes, easy to use, comfortably kinky, and has a wealth of content to browse even if you don’t feel facebook-y. Come have a look, if you haven’t yet.

2) the certainty of trust and commitment my lover and I have. The relationship feels solid through and through, even though I know nothing’s ever that stable. It has weathered trouble, and argument, and insecurities. We have worked through a lot of communication problems and baggage, and I feel confident that we will work through any trouble in the future. We want to build this to last — and we know that even if it doesn’t, it will be good.

I am so grateful for this wonderful part of my life that I can’t quite find the words.

3) Sisters of Mercy.



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